EP42. How to Design a Kindness Culture

Episode 42 January 25, 2021 00:46:24
EP42. How to Design a Kindness Culture
The Culture of Things
EP42. How to Design a Kindness Culture

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Brendan Rogers

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Randy McNeely lives and breathes kindness and he has dedicated his life to sharing ways to be kind and getting a culture of kindness engrained into organisations. Randy has written a book on the topic of kindness called “The Kindness Givers Formula” and in it, he shares how acts of kindness have the powerful ability to change people’s day (and even change lives in some instances). 

In this episode, Brendan chats to Randy about his journey into teaching individuals and organisations to leverage kindness to improve their world and the world of people around them. They go into how being kind, actually has the power to make the person being kind, feel good. Yes, scientific evidence that shows that kindness literally goes both ways. Being kind is easier than it may seem in the moment and the more you look for opportunities to be kind, the more such opportunities will tend to arise. This will, in turn, mean cultivating a Circle of Kindness and positivity all around you. So whether it’s in your business or personal life, Randy reminds us about the BIG impact a small act of kindness can have. 

Randy is truly passionate about his mission to get the world to become a kinder place - and boy, we can all do with a kinder world, right?

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