EP41. The Art of Self-Mastery

January 11, 2021 00:49:50
EP41. The Art of Self-Mastery
The Culture of Things
EP41. The Art of Self-Mastery

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Brendan Rogers

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In today’s episode, Brendan dives into an inspiring discussion with RJ Singh - founder of Ultra Habits, an ultra-endurance athlete, self-mastery mentor and a proud husband and father of two. He is the director of Cora Group - an integrated business to business freight and logistics management company. He is a natural leader - through leading by example. He has taken it upon himself to focus on always striving to be better, and helping other men do the same. He had a rocky start, falling in with the wrong crowd and becoming dependent on drugs and alcohol at a young age. However, at the age of 25, with the help of mentors and friends, RJ got sober and decided that it was important for him to “pay it forward” and help mentor and inspire other young men into making smarter decisions and realising the impact they can have on the world. 

A powerful life lesson he embodies is that any change you wanted to see in the world needs to come from inside yourself first. This realisation has become a major driving force in his life and it determines how he makes decisions and the activities he spends his time on. He explains the deep value of regular introspection and making time to build good habits. 

RJ is humble and charismatic and one cannot help but be inspired by the way he has found a way to rise above all the adversity he has faced in his lifetime.   


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