End of Year Wrap (2021)

January 14, 2022 00:49:59
End of Year Wrap (2021)
The Culture of Things
End of Year Wrap (2021)

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Brendan Rogers

Show Notes

In this episode, we review the most impactful takeaways from the 27 episodes we aired in 2021.  From deep listening to self-mastery, join us as we review the top ten pearls of leadership wisdom (plus four bonus nuggets) we gained from these inspiring guests.  

Every episode this year had valuable lessons and inspiring speakers, but these were some of the standouts that you can go back and listen to if the topic piques your interest.


Discussion Points


Takeaway: Leaders focus on the art of self-mastery

“I encourage leaders to start small.” - Brendan 

Takeaway: Leaders lead with vulnerability

“Vulnerability is what creates trust.” - Brendan

Takeaway: Leaders connect with people

“Spending time investing in people is super-important.” - Brendan 

Takeaway: Leaders face challenges head-on

This was the longest episode we ever did, and very emotional.

“HOPE– Help One Person Every day” - Marc

Takeaway: Leaders must understand and work with context

“The context of the situation is what creates the variation.” - Brendan 

Takeaway: Leaders have full control over the culture

Takeaway: Leaders embrace simple

Takeaway: Leaders know what they stand for

“When people know what you stand for, there are no surprises.” - Brendan 

Takeaway: Leaders build for after they’re gone

“Being able to build a business that actually has that kind of philosophy attached to it, is really an important factor.” - Marc


Takeaway: Leaders believe in your potential

“He’s [Rex] has helped so many people because he believed in them.” - Brendan 

Takeaway: Leaders build a listening culture 

Bonus  Episode 49: “The Culture of Remote Working” with Bretton Putter

Takeaway: Delegation is even more critical in remote work environments 

Takeaway: Leaders have a team-first mentality

Takeaway: Leaders never compromise on people

“If they’re not the right people for the organization - it doesn’t mean they’re bad people - but if they’re not aligned with the values of the organization, they’re not good for the organization.” - Brendan




Brendan’s Link to Ten Leadership Commandments? (mentioned around 29:30) 

Book: Good to Great by Jim Collins

Book: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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48. The Culture of The Living Organisation

Brendan’s guest on this episode is Norman Wolfe - founder and CEO of Quantum Leaders and author of the book “The Living Organisation”. Norman is a veteran in the business world when it comes to leadership and he is a thought-leader in the world of business transformation because of the way he goes about helping leaders do things differently when they’re looking for a culture-change in their organisation. In this episode, Brendan delves into more detail on the specific theories behind Norman’s book “The Living Organization”.  Norman Wolfe has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and he does so with no holds bar in this episode. He shares tips that can make an impact in any industry and he has a way with words that make it easy to understand the reasoning behind his theories.  Achieving the results that you as a leader are aiming for - according to Norman - could be so much easier than it often ends up being because of his “flow” vs “control” theory. Brendan and Norman discuss this and other major ideas from Norman’s book and they actually get some truly valuable insights thanks to great examples from Norman’s wealth of experience as a business consultant. Leaders can change their organisations by focusing on the context rather than the people -and then the people who you want in your business will automatically fall in line and flourish. Brendan delves deeper into this with Norman, finding out why and how that is possible.  An interesting discussion about a powerful theme that has the potential to change the way leaders lead.  Discussion Points: The Mystical ...