83. Weapons of Social Seduction (How we make decisions)

September 05, 2022 01:04:58
83. Weapons of Social Seduction (How we make decisions)
The Culture of Leadership
83. Weapons of Social Seduction (How we make decisions)

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Brendan Rogers

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“If leaders don’t understand how the human brain works and how people perceive information, they’ll struggle.” 

That’s a quote from today’s guest, Phill Agnew.  Phill is Sr. Product Marketer at Buffer, product marketing ambassador at the PMA, and host of Nudge, the only podcast dedicated to consumer psychology. Phill specializes in consumer behavior, looking specifically at how to apply behavioral science at each stage of the marketing funnel. 

Phill shares a wealth of knowledge with us about how consumer (human) behaviors can be influenced, with a focus on how leaders can use this psychology to improve productivity and job satisfaction within their teams. 

We’ll talk about basic psychological tenets such as loss aversion, anchoring, autonomy, purpose, mastery and scarcity when “nudging” people to make decisions or improve their performance.  Phill quotes multiple evidence-based studies and talks about his favorite leaders (like Steve Jobs) and other notable public figures, authors, and scientists who have used these basic theories to influence others.

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