82. The Centred Tradie (Mental Health Challenges)

Episode 82 August 22, 2022 00:50:59
82. The Centred Tradie (Mental Health Challenges)
The Culture of Things
82. The Centred Tradie (Mental Health Challenges)

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Brendan Rogers

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Daniel Gaebler has an ambitious five-year goal – to reduce the number of suicides in Australia to zero.

Dan is a Sydney plumber and has written a book “The Centred Tradie” about facing his inner demons and mental illness. Dan writes about confronting life events, and his mental health journey, and exposes his own extreme vulnerability in order to “help just one person”.  The book will speak loudest to men, especially in the trades (like plumbing), and encourage them to reach out to their friends and family, or different modalities of therapists, to help them get back on track and make life better for themselves and their loved ones. 

I speak with Dan about how he recognized that he needed help, where trauma originates and how it can manifest later in life, the impact that poor mental health and suicide have on loved ones and communities in general, and the many people - therapists, coaches, mentors, and his wife -  that helped Dan along his journey.

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