79. Ethical Leadership with Andrew Stotz

Episode 79 July 11, 2022 01:14:58
79. Ethical Leadership with Andrew Stotz
The Culture of Things
79. Ethical Leadership with Andrew Stotz

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Brendan Rogers

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There is a very simple, easy way to differentiate yourself in this highly competitive world, whatever industry you work in: incorporate strict ethical standards into every aspect of your business (and personal) relationships.  Are you trustworthy, loyal, and fair? Do you reveal conflicts of interest? Do independent research? Do you continually learn and improve?  These are some of the ten components of ethical business and leadership that Dr. Andrew Stotz tells us about in today’s episode.

Andrew Stotz is a former president of the Chartered Financial Analyst Society of Thailand and is one of Thailand’s award-winning equity analysts. He’s also the founder and CEO of A.Stotz Investment Research. He's an author, a university lecturer, and co-founder of CoffeeWORKS, Thailand’s specialty coffee roaster. Andrew is the host of ‘My Worst Investment Ever’ podcast, with 555 episodes and counting. He is also now the new host of the Deming Institute podcast called, “In Their Own Words.”

Join us for a discussion around the ten ethics that Andrew stands for, and how you can easily adopt them in your own life – in order to become a rare and valuable member of any team, family, group, or society.  We’ll also discuss some of the major differences in Eastern vs. Western culture, with regard to ethics, corruption, and general business practices.

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