78. One Mind, Many Matters (Strength & Resilience)

Episode 78 June 27, 2022 01:06:10
78. One Mind, Many Matters (Strength & Resilience)
The Culture of Things
78. One Mind, Many Matters (Strength & Resilience)

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Brendan Rogers

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Barnaby Howarth has faced more than his share of tragic experiences in life. From being diagnosed with diabetes at 14, to suffering a torn cerebral artery in a gang fight (and having a stroke 7 days later) to losing his first wife to breast cancer shortly after their honeymoon, to choosing to have his finger amputated because it was hindering his daily life, Barnaby has not had it easy.  But as he tells it, being an everyday “Joe Bag O’Doughnuts” IS enough, doing the best you can day to day IS enough.  Being a regular person who tries to put “small good” out in the world is all you have to do to live your best life.

As a former AFL player for the Sydney Swans, the host of the “Everyday Greatness” podcast, and sought-after public speaker, Barnaby doesn’t just TELL an interesting story – he is living one.

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