77. The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Episode 77 June 13, 2022 00:53:15
77. The New Rules of Marketing & PR
The Culture of Things
77. The New Rules of Marketing & PR

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Brendan Rogers

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If you think you see patterns in the universe that no one else is seeing, it may be your time to write that book or start that company - according to David Meerman Scott. David is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur, investor, and advisor to emerging companies, and bestselling author of 12 books, including "Fanocracy" and now in its eighth edition, "The New Rules of Marketing & PR."

David has had a fascinating path to his current success.  From being a “gaijin” (foreign) male model in Tokyo to being the last person to photograph Bob Marley in concert, David is big into surfing, seeing live rock shows (he has kept a spreadsheet since age 15!), and NASA.  

As a professional coach and speaker, he teaches people how to use new real-time strategies to spread ideas, influence minds, and build businesses.  In this episode, I’ll talk with David about his theories and beliefs around passion, connection, and intensity, and his latest views on digital marketing.  From the first social network created by the Grateful Dead to the transparent marketing strategies of businesses like Grain Surfboards and NASA moon travel, David has a lot to say about marketing your business and how it has changed through the years.

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