75. Technology Leadership with Geoff Quattromani

Episode 75 May 16, 2022 01:21:48
75. Technology Leadership with Geoff Quattromani
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75. Technology Leadership with Geoff Quattromani

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Brendan Rogers

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Geoff Quattromani has a standout summary on his LinkedIn profile: “My goal is to lead an IT department to be a trusted business partner by providing innovative solutions and technologies along with superior services that help organisations satisfy customers' needs in a consistent manner.”

When you hear Johnson & Johnson, you might immediately think of baby powder and tear-free baby shampoo, but there are actually three major divisions: consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical devices/tech.  Think joint replacement implants and the surrounding medical technology, and that’s where Geoff does his work. As the Digital Transformation Manager for Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Technology division in Sydney, Geoff works toward his LinkedIn summary daily.  I’ll talk with Geoff about his work at J&J, his side-hustle as a technology commentator for radio/tv/magazines, his podcast, “Technology Uncorked,” his family life, and more in this episode.

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