70. The 5 Key Elements of a Strong Culture

Episode 70 March 07, 2022 01:06:41
70. The 5 Key Elements of a Strong Culture
The Culture of Things
70. The 5 Key Elements of a Strong Culture

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Brendan Rogers

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Today I’m speaking with Cassandra Gordon, founder of Growth Culture.  Cassandra shares her vision of what leaders, companies, and workplaces need to do to evolve into thriving businesses with safe, happy employees.  It’s not complicated, but the hierarchical old-school thinking that persists in our society is blocking these transformations.

Cassandra really walks the walk and talks the talk. Her own personal mantra of “respect, integrity, and justice” informs her leadership and everything she does in her day-to-day life.  She shares her reliable, repeatable system for building a thriving culture that has five cornerstone elements: Creativity, Freedom, Purpose, Safety, and Diversity.

The sad thing is, “organization design” that continues to utilize those outdated hierarchies has not changed much in nearly 300 years.  It takes courage, humility, and an open mind for leaders to change their organizations.  Do you have what it takes to overhaul your business and start thriving?  

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