64. The Importance of Listening Skills

November 29, 2021 01:08:52
64. The Importance of Listening Skills
The Culture of Things
64. The Importance of Listening Skills

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Brendan Rogers

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Oscar Trimboli is on a quest to create 100 million deep listeners in the world. He is an author and host of the Apple-award-winning podcast, “Deep Listening”. He is passionate about using the gift of listening to bring positive change in workplaces. He consults with large organizations and shares the transformational impact it can have when leaders listen beyond words. Oscar is based in Sydney, Australia where he contributes to helping first-time runners and ocean swimmers conquer their fears and contributes to the cure of cancer through his support of the Cancer research foundation, Can Too.

In today’s episode, Oscar has me do some introspection on my own listening skills and we delve deeper into what actually makes a great listener. I really enjoyed my conversation with Oscar and I hope you will take away from it as much as I have. 


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