61. The Art of Persuasion (Persuasion Mechanic)

October 18, 2021 01:14:46
61. The Art of Persuasion (Persuasion Mechanic)
The Culture of Things
61. The Art of Persuasion (Persuasion Mechanic)

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Brendan Rogers

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In today’s episode, I have an incredibly informative and interesting conversation with Dr. Dan French - a rhetoric specialist. He’s a bit of a chameleon in his career in that he has two Emmy nominations for late-night comedy writing and a Ph.D. in Rhetoric. He has become an expert in linguistics and using words to influence and persuade - ethically. He believes that a better understanding of rhetoric would make a great deal of difference in the craziness we are seeing in the world right now. 


Dan is passionate about sharing his knowledge about rhetoric and does so in his book The 21 Coliseums of Persuasion as well as in today’s episode. I have enjoyed learning about the way he thinks and the level of consideration he puts into his words - it’s been eye-opening for me and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

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