60. The Culture of Ubuntu Leadership

October 04, 2021 01:07:51
60. The Culture of Ubuntu Leadership
The Culture of Leadership
60. The Culture of Ubuntu Leadership

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Brendan Rogers

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In today’s episode, I speak to Jodie Hill, the founder, and director of a company called Custodians of Change. They focus on educating the world on self-sustainability and self-worth. Jodie is a brilliant speaker and articulates with near perfection a model she created around the concept of UBUNTU. This concept has been around for many years in the African cultures - and it means “I am because we are” - referring to the idea that as individuals, we are better when we are contributing to the collective community. 

She experienced this idea most powerfully during her time living in South Africa. Her feeling, now, is that the rest of the world could greatly benefit from embracing an “Ubuntu” point of view - both personally and in business.

Jodie shares great personal experiences and examples of people “living Ubuntu” and it’s difficult to argue with the proven success in using this outlook to help communities flourish and take care of each other. This episode is one that will hopefully help you see the ways in which you can help others win so that we as a community can win. 


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