58. How to be an Effective Leader

September 06, 2021 00:50:35
58. How to be an Effective Leader
The Culture of Things
58. How to be an Effective Leader

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Brendan Rogers

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Tom Lawrence started out as an engineering apprentice at an automotive company in Liverpool in the UK. He worked in this industry for a few years, throughout which he found himself working under multiple managers who were not particularly good leaders. These were the quintessential managers of the past… people who just focussed on “getting the job done”. Once he became a manager, he found himself scrambling to figure out the job of leading a team - wishing he had been trained by his predecessor. This led him to the realization that if a manager really does a good job, they are actively upskilling their team to become leaders themselves. 

Today you will hear about how Tom came to write his book “Manager to Leader” and we dig a little deeper into a few of the topics he covers in this book. Tom is passionate about teaching people to lead well and I was inspired by his worldview on leaders. 


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