56. How to work with, and motivate disengaged team members

August 09, 2021 01:10:40
56. How to work with, and motivate disengaged team members
The Culture of Things
56. How to work with, and motivate disengaged team members

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Brendan Rogers

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Today I’m talking to Erin Jewel - a Thrive Global top 10 coach of 2021. She is an executive mindset, growth- and performance coach, speaker, and professor of leadership at Villanova University. She has over twenty years of leadership experience in the healthcare sector, working at Pfizer, Boston Scientific, and Medtronic. She has become an expert in strategies to manage team performance and had built a successful consulting practice based on these strategies.

Our focus today is on engaged versus disengaged team members and Erin unpacks a few of the reasons team members might be disengaged, things leaders can do to change the situation and things leaders should avoid doing that may cause team members to disengage. 

Our conversation goes into some great tips that will help both leaders and team members to better engage with each other by focusing on themselves and what they can do to promote a better work environment. 

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