52. Values, Leadership & Football with Michael Thwaite

June 14, 2021 01:00:59
52. Values, Leadership & Football with Michael Thwaite
The Culture of Things
52. Values, Leadership & Football with Michael Thwaite

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Brendan Rogers

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Michael Thwaite is an athlete, a businessman, a husband and a father. While his successes include playing for professional teams all over the world and marrying his high school sweetheart, he has had to deal with all kinds of disappointments and delays in his life and career as well. A few years ago - he made the decision to put his family first at this point in his life, recognizing that his children won’t be small forever - so he wants to be there for them. In today’s episode, he gives us insight into his values as a leader and the habits he has adopted in order to cultivate those values. 

He has pushed through many disappointments and come out the other side a humbler, but stronger person. Now he’s taking on the challenge of working in his community as a disability support worker - helping people with disabilities get involved in sport. Michael is a leader in the truest sense of the word as he exemplifies a positive attitude even in his darkest moments. I chat with him about some of his major accomplishments and how he was able to get through his lowest moments. His answers might surprise you… Michael Thwaite has had a rollercoaster- career, but he wouldn’t change a single thing if that would mean he’d end up anywhere other than right where he’s at now in his life. 

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