47. Attracting, Selecting & Retaining High Performers

April 05, 2021 00:54:35
47. Attracting, Selecting & Retaining High Performers
The Culture of Things
47. Attracting, Selecting & Retaining High Performers

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Brendan Rogers

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What factors go into the recruitment process? What makes a good leader? Why does treating candidates with respect matter? These are some of the questions that we’ll explore in today’s episode. 

Today’s guest is Mark Purbrick. Mark is the Managing Director of Peoplogica. He has over 35 years of management experience, including 23 years at the General Manager or Chief Executive Officer level, as well as more than 30 years of board director experience for both private enterprise and government-controlled entities. Mark assists clients to make the right business and people capital decisions.

Mark has designed Innovative People Capital Solutions and has ensured that Peoplogica is at the forefront of people tests, assessments, and surveys. He specializes in the attraction, selection, and retention of high-performing talent. Listen to today’s episode to hear what Mark has to say about what high-performing talent looks like, how businesses can attract them, and what leaders need to be doing through the selection process.

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