45. How to Create Magic at Work

March 08, 2021 00:43:50
45. How to Create Magic at Work
The Culture of Things
45. How to Create Magic at Work

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Brendan Rogers

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In today’s episode, Brendan and his guest Amy Lynn Durham explore the factors that allow business leaders and CEOs - to create a magical, happy work environment for themselves and their employees. 

Amy calls herself a “Corporate Mystic” and she is the author of the book “Create Magic at Work”. In it, she shares some profound ideas around how spiritual intelligence (SQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) in business leaders are incredibly influential forces in how their employees feel at work. This, in turn, means that as a leader,  you have a powerful influence on your company’s employee morale, directly affecting their productivity and thus, profit margins. Attracting and retaining the best employees will also become a natural outflow of this result. 

Amy has spent years working with top corporates to help them find better ways to deal with their anxiety and emotions at work - including practical guidance to improve their public speaking and how to deal with anger and stressors at work. This has helped thousands of CEOs become better leaders. Some of her clients have seen so much value in their work with Amy, that they often call her up for support and advice - long after they have completed their course. 

Spiritual intelligence opens up a multitude of new ways in which CEOs and leaders can take control of their own health, wealth and happiness along with that of the people who work for them. Not only does Amy help in the “experience” of a better work environment, but she also backs up these “feelings” with actual measured data making it easier for the practical-minded CEOs to justify putting in the effort of working on their SQ. 

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