November 27, 2022


89. How to Change Organisational Culture

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Brendan Rogers
89. How to Change Organisational Culture
Culture of Leadership
89. How to Change Organisational Culture

Nov 27 2022 | 01:13:08


Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of The Culture of Leadership.  I’m joined today by Matt Kelly, Head of Regional Operations North for Healthe Care.  Matt started his career in health as a registered nurse working in Newcastle and the UK. He has worked in Intensive Care Units around Sydney in both clinical and management roles, before moving into executive roles in the public and private sectors across Australia.

Tune in to hear inspirational stories and examples of how Matt’s hospital group, (with nearly 700 team members across the country), and Matt as a leader, creates and cultivates culture, trust and transparency, and promotes the organisation’s values and best practices.  Matt is passionate about not just “patient-centered care” but  “person-centered care” and the use of values to drive the culture of an organisation. The Healthe Care organization of hospitals promotes empathy and compassion for staff and patients, to ensure the best experience for all. 

In 2019 Matt was the first Australian invited to speak at the worlds leading Patient Experience Summit held by Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. In 2018 and 2019 he was named Business Leader of the Year by the Gosford/ Erina and Coastal Chamber of Commerce, the Central Coast Regional Business Leader of the year in 2019, and the NSW Business Leader of the Year by the NSW Business Chamber in 2019.

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Discussion Points

  • Trust and culture change - “The Triangle of T”
  • Matt’s definition of culture
  • Showing Brendan around the hospital and explaining their values
  • Matt’s early days of training as a nurse - as CEO he knew what he was talking about
  • Observing the culture at Matt’s 8 different hospital environments
  • Reward and recognition feels different for everyone - being able to choose is important
  • Not just “Patient-centered care” but “person-centered care”
  • The 5 Values across 17 hospitals:
  1. Best Practice
  2. Best Experience
  3. Respect
  4. It’s Personal
  5. Positive Energy
Creating your organisation’s values - be persistently consistent Using the WorkPlace platform for the internal teams Teambuilding and transparency The Leader’s role and impacting culture Personality tests and results Matt’s Dad, working as a nurse, and previous hospital leaders have had the greatest impact on Matt as a leader  Challenges and stress during the pandemic Three Key Takeaways:
  1. Leaders make time to observe culture
  2. Leaders show persistent consistency
  3. Leaders know culture change is a slow burn
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