81. Finding Purpose in Your Life

Episode 81 August 08, 2022 01:27:21
81. Finding Purpose in Your Life
The Culture of Leadership
81. Finding Purpose in Your Life

Aug 08 2022 | 01:27:21


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Brendan Rogers

Show Notes

Alex Lee sees purpose as, “The ‘why’s’ and the drive behind everything you do.” It takes some courage to follow your passion and find your purpose.  Are you leading a purpose-driven life?

Alex Lee is currently the CEO of The Glen, a residential Aboriginal Therapeutic Community for men and women experiencing alcohol and drug dependence. Located on the Central Coast of New South Wales, The Glen sits on pristine bushland, which clients describe as calming and tranquil. The Glen’s programs are designed to treat clients holistically to address their issues, treating the person as a whole (spiritually, mentally, and physically). Indigenous values are adopted throughout The Glen’s program, evident through the strength-based approach which shows clients what they can do, not what they can’t do.

In this episode, we’ll talk about Alex’s dark days during his teen years - including the pivotal point when he called a kids hotline for help - that started him on a long history of volunteerism.  From taking career breaks to help those living in detention centers off the coast of Australia, to working in Thailand, to helping his mom, Alex has a quiet way about him that hides a deep well of determination, perseverance, and most of all, a simple desire to help others avoid pain and suffering.

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