72. Government Leadership During a Pandemic

Episode 72 April 03, 2022 01:06:55
72. Government Leadership During a Pandemic
The Culture of Leadership
72. Government Leadership During a Pandemic

Apr 03 2022 | 01:06:55


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Brendan Rogers

Show Notes

It’s useful to look back on a period of great crisis and analyze what was done right, and what lessons can be gleaned from decisions that didn’t work out as planned.  My guest today is Scott Farlow, and he is going to do just that – look back on the pandemic and the New South Wales government’s responses and how they worked or didn’t.  

Scott Glynn Farlow is a member of the New South Wales Legislative Council since the 2015 NSW state election, representing the Liberal Party. Farlow grew up in Sydney's Inner Western suburbs. He was the first member of his family to study at university, graduating with degrees in Law and Commerce from the University of Sydney. He later graduated from the College of Law with a Diploma of Legal Practice.

In 2004 Farlow was elected to Strathfield City Council and became mayor in 2007. At the age of 23, Farlow was the youngest mayor in Australia at that time. Farlow was preselected by the Liberal Party to run as a candidate for the NSW Legislative Council at the March 2015 Election. He was subsequently elected and is serving an eight-year term set to expire in 2023.

In this episode, Scott and I will discuss how the pandemic unfolded in Australia in general, and New South Wales in particular. Farlow focuses on increasing efficiency and transparency in government expenditure, and we will hear about many of the governmental decisions he was privy to during the pandemic.


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