67. Ex-Google Employee Shares Culture Perspective

January 24, 2022 01:23:10
67. Ex-Google Employee Shares Culture Perspective
The Culture of Leadership
67. Ex-Google Employee Shares Culture Perspective

Jan 24 2022 | 01:23:10


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Brendan Rogers

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Taras Kobernyk is humble, professional, and articulate.  That’s what makes his intriguing situation and actions much more believable.  After being fired by Google for questioning some of their policies on diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism, Taras found it quite difficult to find another job.

When asked why he wrote his now-famous document “Questions about Google’s anti-racism actions,” he says he just wanted to start a conversation, just wanted to point out some contradictory, hypocritical behaviors and sentiments that Google leadership was pushing on its employees, particularly on software engineers like himself.  Google’s continued refusal (or inability) to address these points has not wavered since the document was released and began a very public media blitz on the subject.

Join me as we talk to Taras about his experiences– from his excitement about moving to the U.S. from Ukraine, getting hired by such a massive tech giant, and the subsequent disintegration of his time there, leading to his being fired for questioning Google leadership on some tough topics.

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